In this article, I am going to show you how to get signed to Mavin Records in 2022/2023.

Mavin Records is one of the top record labels in Nigeria, and it is owned by a music producer and mogul known as Don Jazzy.

Formerly Don Jazzy co-owned a record label with a music icon and best friend D’Banj. And the record label was known as Mo Hits Records. As soon as Don Jazzy parted ways with D’Banj, he went on to find and establish Mavin Records.

Currently, Mavin Records is known to take young talented music artists from both genders off the street and turn them into superstars. And if given the chance; I know you that is reading this post will love to be signed under this great record label.

As a matter of fact, if your dream is to get signed to Mavin Records; just exercise patience and read this article to the end so you will get the tips and tricks to do so.

Honestly, talent alone is not enough for you to become part of Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records; you must also have to work harder to get noticed by Don Jazzy himself if you really want to join his record label.

Without further ado, let’s get to this article in detail.

How To get signed to Mavin Records 2022/2023.

As I said earlier, if you want to get signed to Mavin Records; you must ensure you work harder to get the attention of the label’s CEO in person of Don Jazzy.

And you must also never forget that you must be talented enough to prove yourself if you are being invited by Don Jazzy to do so.

This means that you must start by making good music and promoting it, both online and offline. Your aim and target while doing so is to go viral and in so doing attract the attention of Don Jazzy.

Lest I forget, luck is also very essential if you want to get signed to Mavin Records, considering the fact that there are scores of upcoming artists in Nigeria who have not been lucky enough to be signed by Don Jazzy even though they promoted themselves and caught his attention.

Since Don Jazzy is the focus here; let me quickly give you the tips and tricks you can employ to contact him.

How to contact Don Jazzy.

1. Use social media platforms.

Luckily, Don Jazzy is one of the Nigerian celebrities who is very active on social media platforms.

In fact, so many comedians have been lucky to feature him on their comedy skits and in so doing go viral.

Another important thing about Don Jazzy is that he is known to directly engage with those who are following him on social media platforms.

Evidence has been re-posting, re-tweeting, and commenting on content tagged by those who are following him on social media platforms.

But be mindful of the fact that your content must make sense and be of high quality if you really want Don Jazzy to notice it.

Legend has it that one of Mavin Records artists, Rema, was founded by Don Jazzy when he made a freestyle video on one of the songs he did with his record label’s crew.

So if you want Don Jazzy to give you his attention on social media platforms, make sure you create and publish sensible and relevant content and tag him on them.

If it seems like he is not noticing the content, DM him about it, and even if he doesn’t;t reply quickly, continue to do so until he does.

Consistently seeing different contents from you and DM’s about it will definitely make Don Jazzy check it out and if it makes sense give you feedback.

Even a repost will take you so far than you can ever imagine.

Below are the social media platforms you should look up for Don Jazzy:

  1. Mavin CEO’s official Instagram page.
  2. Mavin CEO’s official Twitter page.
  3. Don Jazzy’s official Facebook account.
  4. Don Jazzy’s official Tik Tok account.

2. Contact Don Jazzy via Mavin Records official website.

The next way you should try to contact Don Jazzy is via Mavin Records official website.

To do this, run a Google search for Mavin Records official website and click on the result to visit the website.

Once you get to the website, navigate to the Contact page and use the online contact form to send a DM to Don Jazzy.

Do not send more than one message or else it will be taken as spam and blocked by any anti-spam the website is using.

So send one unique message and wait a few days and if you get no response, you can send another one.

3. Call Don Jazzy on his office phone number.

Though it’s hard to get to Don Jazzy via his official contact number, as it is usually switched off; if you keep on trying your luck you might get lucky to reach him when he switches it on.

No one knows when Don Jazzy always likes to switch this official phone number on, but staying in touch and trying it always will help you to get connected whenever he is online.

Below is Don Jazzy’s or Mavin Records official phone number.

  • Mavin Records official phone number – +2349133616411.

You can also click here to get Mavin Records WhatsApp Number.

Good luck!

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Is good but am trying to contact mavin but it couldn’t get to him because I got know one to advice me on moving on with my music career so am willing to get signed by don’ jazzy just like my dream when my time comes please help me get don’ jazzy to know me please thanks may God help your record label grow and produce more talented artist thanks

I am looking forward to join marvin with one heart, great thanks +256770455342 that’s my contact 🎤🎺🎹♥️♥️

You replied to this comment.

Really enticing that y’all are giving artist a chance to be seen by starting a record label😊 I’m an artist myself.

Looking for to be signed by Mavin’s too

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You replied to this comment.

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Am just 15 but this has been my everyday dream join mavins record by the grace of God we will be there

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