How To Meet Olamide And Join YBNL Record Label.

How To Meet Olamide And Join YBNL Record Label.

Meeting Olamide and joining YBNL record label is the dream of every upcoming artists in Nigeria, and I know you are one of them that is why you are reading this articel, and I promise to feed you the necessary information that will help you get started.

First and foremost you have to ensure you are musically talented enough because talent plays the lead role I landing a record deal with YBNL.

Aside from talent, you must also have a high level of luck and connection if you really want to meet Olamide and join YBNL record label.

Without wasting much time let me walk through this article and teach you the basic things you need to know about Olamide and his record label YBNL.

What does YBNL mean?

YBNL Ris an acronym for “Yahoo Boys No Laptop’ and is currently one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria belonging to Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide ‘Badoo’.

How To Join YBNL Record Label In 2023.

To join YBNL Record label in 2023, you have to meet its CEO in the person of Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide ‘Badoo’.

And as I said before, you must really be talented, have a high level of luck as well as be highly connected with people who are close to Olamide Badoo.

Now let us move on to see how you can meet Olamide in order to join YBNL record label.

How to meet Olamide.

The easiest way to meet Olamide is by following him on all his social media accounts especially, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Thread, YouTube etc.

Now while trying to do so, I want you to understand that Olamide does not make that much noise on social media as other celebrities like Davido, Burna Boy etc does vbecause he is a very quiet and reserved person.

So therefore, when you follow him on his social media accounts ensure you are creating meaningful content, uploading them to your social media platforms, and tagging Olamide on them.

Even though he is likely not going to respond immediately, if your content is good enough, keep sending them.

Because he might be seeing previous ones; and needs more of those to be convinced enough that you will really be a good musician he can work with.

How to get noticed by Olamide.

To get noticed by Olamide, you need to be talented and make good songs that you promote on social accounts where it will be possible for you to tag Olamide with it.

You can also submit your song to Olamide’s record label, YBNL Nation.

Most importantly try and get someone who is connected to Olamide to introduce as well as recommend you to him.

Olamide Badoo email address and phone number.

You can reach out to Olamide Badoo through his email, and his phone numbers are 08186360343, 08184702608.