Welcome to Taculia Records, this is an independent record label in Nigeria committed to helping upcoming artists find success in the music industry, especially in regards to signing a record deal.
To start, we would like to address the interest upcoming artists in Nigeria are having to join a record label and we want to be specific on the fact that a record label is a business entity that’s looking out for a product (which is the artist) for the sole aim of turning a profit, after loaning a certain sum of money to the artist. 
For that reason, you as an artist must ensure you take your musical career to a certain level that will prove to record labels that if they invest in you they are not going to lose their hard-earned money.
Taking your musical career to the level we are saying includes making and promoting the kind of music that will attract listeners who will serve as your committed fan base, and this fan base will be visible in the number of streams you have on digital stores as well as followers across your preferred social media accounts.
Once you can reach this level, you can then start to employ effective strategies that will enable you to approach record labels and get them to offer you the opportunity to sign a record deal.
We at Taculia Records have therefore provided the opportunity for upcoming artists to learn how to make and promote the kind of music that will appeal to a large number of music consumers as well as the best way to approach record labels and show them proof of why they should offer you a record deal.
If you need more information about this platform, please visit our contact page via the link below.


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The first thing we are going to do is build an official musician website for you.

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You will get a press coverage across all our blogging platforms. 

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You’ll also get an artiste page that will carry the links to all your songs on digital platforms. 

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Website Monetization

We will help you to monetize and use your official musician website to make money from other online sources like AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

email marketing

We’ll also help you to collect emails from your website and use it to grow your online fanbase.

music distribution

Cheap distribution of your music to digital stores where you can start to earn from your music.

ARTISTES we are working wit