The Cost Of Joining A Record Label In Nigeria.

The Cost Of Joining A Record Label In Nigeria.

This article is going to focus on revealing to you the actual cost of joining a record label in Nigeria.

Nearly every upcoming artiste is showing so much interest in joining a record label in Nigeria, but the problem is that they just don’t know how to join a record label in Nigeria.

But before we dive into this article properly, let us see the definition of a record label.

What is a record label?

A record label is simply a company that oversees the marketing and sales of a musician’s career and production.

How much does it cost to join a record label in Nigeria?

Actually, there is no cost for joining a record label in Nigeria, instead, it is the record label that will pay you what we call “advance” before you start recording songs for them to sell, recoup their advance and make a profit.

Therefore, you should absolutely ignore any record label that asks you to pay money before you join and instead focus on doing the things that will increase your chances of being noticed by a record label.

How to get noticed by a record label.

To get noticed by a record label, you must ensure you take your musical career to a level that convinces the record label you will be able to give them a return on their investment.

Below are some of the things you must do:

  1. Make good music.
  2. Shoot a music video.
  3. Enrol in a music contest or competition.
  4. Perform in gigs.
  5. Promote your music.
  6. Grow your fanbase on social media platforms.
  7. Be wary of scammers claiming to be record-label agents.

1. Make good music.

Low quality in music production is always the main reason why so many online users refuse to download music from upcoming artists.

Yes! The first question that comes into the mind of a record label owner, when he is being presented with the work of an upcoming artiste he has never heard of before is:

“Has he been able to pay for an expensive studio in order to get a quality sound production?

Secondly, most upcoming artists do not even know the kind of music they should make.

Imagine an upcoming artiste singing about how he has made it, and when he comes through people scramble to him for autographs.

When in the actual sense, he is roaming the streets on foot, or probably carrying blocks in a building site to earn a living.

Thirdly, scores of upcoming artists put out songs that are whack or make no sense at all.

Sometimes their song title and what they are singing about are totally different.

So in summary, to make good music you must ensure that you find a good record studio, and pay good money in order to get a good sound production.

Secondly, be mindful of what you are singing about, especially in boasting songs.

Never give record labels the reason to put your CD in the dustbin by trying to tell who cares in your song that, you cruise around town in three Ferraris, surrounded by 50 models, etc.

Definitely, they will dumb your CD in the trash.

Because if you already have the money, what then are you looking for in a record deal?

Why not use your own money and set up your own studio and become a label owner?

Also, make sure your lyrics and intonations are good.

If you are not too good at writing or composing, find someone who can write very well to edit your songs before you hit the studio for the recording proper.

2. Shoot a music video.

It is no denying the fact that a good music video will easily expose an upcoming artiste and make record label owners reach out to him.

But it’s however sad that, so many upcoming artists believe that, it is too expensive to shoot a music video these days.

Yes! It is very expensive to shoot a music video only if you are looking for top music directors like Clarence Peters or Unlimited L.A; to handle your video production.

But I want to let you know that, there are so many aspiring and good music directors out there.

Who is looking for an upcoming artiste with a low budget; and sometimes even no budget, to shoot a niece music video for, in order to make a name?

Even if the top directors are shooting these musical videos with the most expensive cameras to achieve the cleanest video background.

I bet you, there are upcoming music video directors who can achieve a very nice video background with a Canon 60D camera, which is color corrected in post-production.

So all you have to do is go out in search of those aspiring music directors.

Make them listen to your song and tell you what concept will help you guys achieve a very clean music video with a low budget.

And before you know it, you will be a proud owner of a clean music video that will help expose you more.

3. Enroll in a music contest or competition.

So many big artists you are seeing today were found during a musical contest.

For instance, it was through MTN Project fame that Chidinma and Iyanya became superstars.

So you should not hesitate to enroll in whatever music contest or competition you see ongoing.

And if you are lucky to perform in the show, or better still win, your career will be close to, if not seeing the light of day instantly.

4. Perform in gigs.

Imagine an upcoming artiste performing on stage, and soon as he is done and wants to step down, the crowd yells at him to give them some more.

(We call that an encore).

Imagine a crowd singing along to the hook of an upcoming artiste who is performing on stage.

Now tell me if you are a record label owner overseeing such a show, will you allow the artiste to leave the venue without having his contact, and call him afterward to negotiate a deal?

There is no way a record label will spot such an artiste and allow him to walk away.

Already he has been able to pull a crowd, and that is one of the selling points for record labels.

They need an artist that will make the crowd keep yelling for more because such an artiste will definitely sell out concert tickets and generate more money for record labels.

So if you want to sign a record deal, make sure you perform in nearly every show and gig you have access to, whether it is local or not.

To have access to shows, you have to make inquiries and try to get connect with these booking agents. Even if you have to pay something, for a chance to perform in a show, make sure you pay for it.

Because you never know when your song will make the crowd go wild while you are performing it live.

5. Promote your music

Whether it’s online or offline, if you want to attract record labels; you have to promote your music.

So whatever it will take, ensure that you have your music available everywhere for people to listen to and download, and probably share.

Because you can never tell which of the record label owner, will listen to your music and discover how good it is. And begin searching to find and sign you.

I won’t write so much on this topic because I already have 2 articles on this subject: How to promote your music online, and How to promote your music offline.

Finally, You can’t just make music that you keep at home or on your phone and expect to be noticed by record labels.

That is most of the reason why after making good music, you have to put it out there for people to listen to, download and share.

6. Grow your fan base on Social media platforms.

Another way you can impress record labels and get them to sign you is to focus on growing and establishing your online presence on social media platforms.

There are a few upfront Social Media that can enable you to do this, and they are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are the leading three.

I guess as an artiste you should already have a Facebook page and group, especially a Twitter and Instagram account.

So all you need to do is to try as much as possible to increase the number of likes and followers you are having on those accounts.

And believe me, there is no record label that will ignore an artiste who already has created so much impact on their social media platforms.

Most especially, through the number of people who like and follow them there.

If you have a million social media followers, the estimation is that hundred thousand of them will get to buy your album on its first day of release.

And that is big money for record labels.

7. Be wary of scammers claiming to be record label agents

It is worth noting that in a bid of trying to contact record labels, so many artists have fallen prey to online scammers who parade as record label agents or representatives.

But I just wish you believe it when I tell you that there is no record label in this world that will go out or send people to go out and scout for talented upcoming artists.

Several platforms, both online and offline are out there promoting dope content from upcoming artists.

For instance, here at Music Advice NG, we have an online platform that focuses on promoting the freestyle videos and audios of the upcoming artists. All in the hope that record labels will notice and reach out to sign them.

Aside from that, several music contests and competitions are ongoing everywhere, both online and offline. And all these are great ways that record labels can zoom in to discover their next big artiste who is presently upcoming.

My dear brother, Sister, and friend, there are a thousand and one ways that upcoming artists can approach record labels on a daily basis to seek a record deal.

And most of these upcoming artists are good and better at their games.

This means that record labels are never wanting when it comes to signing an artiste.

And for that reason, they won’t waste time paying agents to go out in search of upcoming artists who is good.

So you should be guided from now henceforth.

And avoid anyone who claims to be a record label agent, and promises to show you how to join a record label or even link you with one here in Nigeria.

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