How To Get Don Jazzy’s Attention.

This article will reveal to you how to get Don Jazzy, the CEO of Mavin Record attention.

I am writing this article because so many upcoming artists have been really wondering how to get Don Jazzy’s attention.

And if you are one of those artists, I just hope you stick and read this article to the end so you can know how to get Don Jazzy’s attention.

But before we go into this article properly, let us first and foremost see why you want to get Don Jazzy’s attention.

Why do you want to get Don Jazzy’s attention?

I believe the only reason why you want to get Don Jazzy’s attention is so you can be signed to his record label, Mavin Records.

In other words, signing a record contract with Mavin Records is the only reason why you want to get Don Jazzy’s attention.

Having established that understanding, let us now look at a brief history of the record label owned by Don Jazzy which is known as Mavin Records.

The reason we are going to look at the brief history of Mavin Records is that it is the record label you will be signed to when you finally get to meet Don Jazzy.

A brief history of Mavin Records.

After Don Jazzy parted ways with his friend and business partner, D’Banj, with whom they co-founded a record label known as Mo Hits Records, he went on to launch his own record label known as Mavin Records or Mavins Dynasty.

Upon starting the new record label, Don Jazzy went on to sign a multi-million investment deal with Kupanda Holdings, and it is this deal that catapulted Mavin Records into one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria.

After becoming successful, the record label went on to sign a lot of talented artists who are now superstars as far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned.

Notable artists in Mavin Records are:

  1. Tiwa Savage,
  2. D’Prince
  3. Rema,
  4. Reekado Banks,
  5. Korede Bello, etc.

The label has since then grown to be a record label every upcoming musician in Nigeria is hoping to sign a record deal with.

How To Get Don Jazzy Attention.

To get Don Jazzy’s attention, you must be a very talented artist who does afrobeat or afro-pop and above all else possesses a high level of luck to get noticed by the Don.

Am saying this because there are thousands of very talented upcoming artists out there who are already reaching out to Don on a daily basis. And for that reason, you must really stand out among the lot if you want Don Jazzy to notice you.

However, you are not just going to sit at home and expect to get Don Jazzy’s attention, you have to really rise up and look for ways to contact Don Jazzy himself.

Below are some of the ways you can contact Don Jazzy.

1. Contact Don Jazzy on his social accounts.

Don Jazzy is one of the celebrities in Nigeria who is very active on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram.

In fact, Don Jazzy has starred in so many comedy skits and viral videos done by even upcoming comedians and musicians.

This then makes it hopeful for anyone who is trying to reach Don Jazzy. But when trying to do so, make sure you are persistent enough, and above all have high-quality content on your social accounts that is going to attract Don Jazzy.

Sending DM’s to him is one of the ways you can reach out, but considering the fact that he receives lots of DM’s every day, I rather suggest you create relevant content and publish it on your social platforms; from there share and tag him.

Even though he is likely not going to respond immediately, if your content is good enough, keep sending them.

And also pray and hope he gets to see all of them and respond.

You can also try using the Mavin Records contact below to reach out to Don Jazzy.

2. Other means of contacting Don Jazzy.

Though not much is made public about how to contact Don Jazzy; you can as well try the avenues I will show below to contact them.

  • Mavin official website.
  • Mavin CEO’s official Instagram page.
  • Mavin CEO’s official Twitter page.
  • Mavin’s official phone number – +2349133616411

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