YBNL WhatsApp Number.

YBNL WhatsApp Number.

I know you are looking for YBNL WhatsApp number, that is why you are here and I promise to feed you with the true information about it.

But before I feed you with that true information, let us first and foremost establish a few understandings about YBNL record label.

The meaning of YBNL.

YBNL is an acronym for the term “Yahoo Boy No Laptop”, and it is one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria at the moment.

The founder and owner of YBNL.

YBNL record label was founded in 2012 by a Nigerian rapper and songwriter who goes by the name Olamide Adedeji, and is musically known as “Olamide Baddo” or “BadooSneh”.

Olamide is known to make his rap recording in his native language which is Yoruba.

How to get YBNL WhatsApp number.

The only way to get an authentic YBNL WhatsApp number should be via the record label’s official website, theirs, or its founder’s verified social media page.

But taking a look at the above-mentioned sources, there is no record of YBNL official WhatsApp number.

YBNL WhatsApp number.

Currently, there is no official YBNL WhatsApp number given by Olamide or his management team, and for that reason, you should be very mindful of any online source that gives any number or link as YBNL official WhatsApp number. Unless or until you can get such from Olamide’s or YBNL official website or their verified social media accounts.

Remember scammers are everywhere trying to use this kind of information to lure upcoming artists into their trap, so be careful.

However, when I did my own research to fetch my visitors the YBNL WhatsApp number, the only sources I came across were a YBNL website hosted on Google sites and Olamide’s official website olamidebaddoo.com.

And below is the information I was able to gather, and I hope you use it to reach out to Olamide’s management to see if they can give you their WhatsApp number.


Alexander Okeke A&R. Head, Talent Business Management YBNL ENT.

Email– iamalexanderokeke@gmail.com / CEO Red&Axla Logistics/ Management for Emily Nkanga Photography – me@redaxla.com.

Phone number: +2347035985296.


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