What Is Music Promotion

What Is Music Promotion?

So you really want to know what is music promotion? well! that’s what this article is all about, and I wish you would patiently read it to the end.

I won’ waste much time on this introductory part, so we can quickly get into the core of this article.

What is music promotion?

Music promotion is simply the act of making your music available for public consumption and it is sometimes referred to as music marketing.

Good music is capable of putting humans in a good mood, and if you want to become successful in the music industry then you must ensure you make the kind of music that puts people in a good mood.

According to my experience and observations in the Nigerian music industry, dance tracks and love songs are the types of music that sell artists out so fast.

Even A-List artists are using these kinds of music to stay relevant in the industry.

What you need to know about music promotion.

As I said earlier, another name for music promotion is music marketing.

Marketing involves business, and that in every sense of the word makes music a business.

And for that reason, an artiste who wants to overcome the challenges and become successful in the music industry must be well-vested in the business. That is to say, he must understand or possess knowledge of the business.

You must see yourself as the brand and your song as the product or service. And until your brand i.e. become popular, your music i.e. your product or service can never find success in the market.

Thus, you need to work hard to make your music appealing to the public’s consumption, and once you are able to do that; you are quickly going to be reckoned among the best musicians Nigeria will continue to have.

What to do before you promote your music in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country of different tribes and races, and each has its own culture and practices.

And to grab people of different cultures to listen to your music, you must ensure your musical style bonds as well as emerges the whole cultures together.

When you look around the popular style of music with so much competition and currently selling in Nigeria is Afrobeats, some also refer to it as Afro-pop.

We have the likes of 2Baba, Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Rema, Fireboy, Joeboy, etc living in the mainstream of this genre,

Rap music is not getting that much attention in Nigeria, and it might be the reason why the likes of Olamide and Phyno switched to Afrobeats in order to stay relevant in the industry.

So therefore you must ensure you choose a musical style that is going to help you get a positive response when you start to promote your music.

What are the advantages of promoting your music in Nigeria?

Of course, you are promoting your music to blow into the mainstream and become a superstar in Nigeria, and in so doing make so much money and live a very comfortable life.

What more advantage could there be to music promotion in Nigeria than that?

What are the disadvantages of promoting your music in Nigeria?

I think the only disadvantage of promoting your music in Nigeria is the cost.

Yes! Before you embark on music promotion in Nigeria (whether online or offline) you must ensure you have the capital you are going to invest.

Don’t forget that music is business, and to succeed in business one must be willing to invest, and investing in business simply means spending money with the hope of getting it back.

Therefore, if you know you are not financially sound, then you must look for someone who is willing to sponsor your musical career.

There is no way you are going to escape spending money if you really want to succeed in your musical career.

You can learn how to write a proposal for music career sponsorship here.