List Of Music Promotion Sites In Nigeria. (Free And Paid)

List Of Music Promotion Sites In Nigeria. (Free And Paid).

In this digital era, uploading music online is the most sought-after music promotion, and that is why I am going to show you in this article, the list of music sites in Nigeria, both free and paid.

Especially when you are starting out your music career, you will often be stuck on where to upload your songs; so that people can get to play and download them.

Most of the outstanding social media platforms will not allow you to upload, especially your audio tracks.

While the few ones that will allow you to upload your music, will not allow your potential fans to download it.

Downloading music by fans is very important because it is one of the ways your music will go around; since they are likely going to transfer it to their family and friends.

List of free music promotion sites in Nigeria.

Here is the list of the free music promotion sites that will help you to upload your music for free:

  1. My Not just Ok.
  2. Naija Pals.
  3. Churchboiz
  4. Audiomack
  5. Reverbnation
  6. Soundcloud.

1. My not just ok.

My not just ok is one of the top free music promotion sites in Nigeria.

This music platform has so much monthly traffic that will enable your music gets discovered organically.

Though it’s a premium version, will require you to pay a certain sum before sending your music to the admin who will moderate it before uploading.

This free subdomain version, however allows upcoming musicians to upload their songs by themselves and totally for free.

After uploading your song, you will also have access to real-time statistics that will allow you to see the plays and downloads your song is having on the platform.

Additionally, this platform will also allow users to interact with your song by posting their comments, and even getting to vote for your music.

2. Naija Pals.

Currently, this platform has over 2 million likes on its Facebook page and still counting, and this makes Naija Pals undoubtedly the best platform to you can upload your music.

As already proven, the large audience that this platform has will enable your music to be in front of so many people who are likely going to consume your music.

Long as your music has quality products and meets up the standard of music in Nigeria, you will have no problem getting the best out of your music promotion on this platform.

It is believed that every member of Naija Pals platform pursues no other interest aside from music, and this makes it the best community for upcoming musicians to grow their musical careers.

All you will be required to do is sign up for an account and start to upload your music right away.

3. Churchboiz.

Churchboiz is a new music upload platform that allows upcoming musicians to upload and promote their music for free.

The only problem is that this platform harbors only gospel musicians.

This means gospel artists have a platform where they can upload and promote their music for free. Instead of having to contact an admin who will charge him some fees; as well as make him wait for days to get the link to his song.

On this platform, every song you upload will have its own unique page that will allow you to see your statistics i.e. plays and downloads, as well s comments.

The platform also allows you to have followers as well as also follow users and keep them updated whenever you drop a new song.

You can run a Google search and look for and get started with your free music promotion in Nigeria right away.

4. Audiomack.

Though Audiomack is global, it is one of the free music platforms used by upcoming musicians in Nigeria to upload and promote their music for free.

To use this platform you will have to sign up for a new account and to have a good user experience you also need to verify your account on Audiomack.

Aside from uploading and promoting your music on Audiomack, you will also have an opportunity to make money from it.

So get started with Audiomack today, and avail yourself of the opportunity of becoming a successful musician.

5. Reverbnation.

Reverbnation is also another global free music upload platform that is widely used by upcoming musicians in Nigeria to promote their music.

This platform is more like a chat room where artists get a ranking based on their performance by means of streams and downloads.

If you are able to do well on ReverbNation’s chat; you will be able to mingle with musicians in your genre all over the globe.

Another advantage of uploading your songs on Reverbnation is that; you share and embed the links on your social media platforms pages and accounts.

And your followers can follow you from your social media platforms to your Reverbnation account.

This free music promotion platform is very big and accepts all genres of musicians, promoters, and music consumers all over the world.

In addition to being a free music promotion site; Reverbnation also has a premium service where you can make money from your music streams and downloads.

Signing up to this platform is very simple and easy as you can even use your Facebook account.

You can visit now to make the start of your free music promotion successful.

6. Soundcloud

Soundcloud offers its users the opportunity to upload their music with the aim of promotion.

When you sign up for a Soundcloud account, you will have the opportunity of uploading your songs for free and share them with users who can stream and download them.

On this platform, there is a dedicated listening community, especially here in Nigeria. This makes it easy for upcoming artists to have those who are going to play and stream their songs when they upload them on the platform.

Upcoming musicians from Nigeria while trying to use a music promotion site like Soundcloud will increase their opportunity of connecting with other musicians in the world who are using the platform.

Moreover, Soundcloud has an automated radio station that selects tracks at random to make their users listen. And if your music is lucky to benefit from this, even for once it will really help in the furtherance of your musical career.

You can follow the link to visit and make good use of it today.

List of paid music promotion sites in Nigeria.

Below are the lists of paid music promotion sites in Nigeria.

  1. Not just ok.
  2. Naijaloaded
  3. 9jaflaver
  4. Too exclusive
  5. Naijakit
  6. Jaguda
  7. How Far Naija.

1. Not just ok.

Not just ok is one of the paid music promotion sites in Nigeria that boosts 2 million active monthly users.

And there is no doubt that they have been in the music promotion business for so long, and it’s safe to promote your music with them.

Not just ok already has a stream flow of different kinds and genres of music uploaded to the site. And your song being among them would really increase your chances of becoming successful in the music industry.

You can head on to their website contact page and meet the admin who will give you info on the amount and things needed to enable your music to be uploaded to the platform.

2. Naijaloaded

Naijaloaded is one of the most visited online music platforms that offer brand new music, videos, entertainment gists, and other content on a daily basis.

This platform has spent a decade in the online entertainment business and boosts 120 million unique visitors every month.

This platform will surely make your music promotion dreams in Nigeria come true in a jiffy.

Just head on to their official website and visit their contact page to meet the admin who will advise you how to go about uploading your music on their platform.

3. 9jaflaver.

9jaflaver is also an entertainment hub in Nigeria that offers the latest music, movies, comedy, gists, etc on a daily basis.

This platform boosts of millions of monthly visitors and has been a home for upcoming artists to make their music available to a larger audience.

To upload your music on this platform, you need to go to their website and contact the admin who will tell you the things you are required to do.

4. Tooxclusive.

Tooxclusive is undoubtedly one of the biggest online platforms in Nigeria that oversee music promotion and other services.

They currently boast of having over 2.5 million monthly users and over 25 million page views as well as over 120 million music downloads.

This figure should be the main reason why you should consider using tooxclusive as your means of music promotion here in Nigeria.

5. Naijakit.

When it comes to music promotion sites in Nigeria, Naijakit is one platform that cannot be left out.

Naijakit is both an entertainment and infotainment platform; that delivers all kinds of music across the globe but places more focus on Naija music.

This platform is very capable of pushing your musical career forward the best way it should.

As usual, just head on to their website; and use the contact page to reach out to the admin; who will tell you the things to do so your music can be uploaded and promoted on that platform.

6. Jaguda.

Jaguda is one of the music promotion sites in Nigeria that charges a considerable price to upcoming musicians for music promotion.

You are guaranteed to get so many listeners and downloads when you have your music uploaded and promoted on this platform.

7. How Far Naija.

How Far Naija is a fast-rising music promotion site in Nigeria.

The advantage of uploading and promoting your music on are:

  • Optimizing your song to become searchable on Google and other search engines.
  • We will give you press coverage for your song across our media blogs.
  • We also have other music blogs to which we will upload your songs in order to increase your presence online the more.
  • Your song will also be optimized for easy downloads and plays.
  • We will place your artwork as a banner on our popular posts and pages; so that our visitors can link up to your music page and download your song.
  • Your song will also appear among other songs we will select as the music of the week that we hype across several blogs consistently.

Moreover, our prices are very moderate, as we are one of the few blogs that offer cheap and affordable music promotion in Nigeria.

We charge 3,000 Naira for audio and 5,000 Naira for video upload and promotion.

All you have to do is use the WhatzApp link below to chat with us. Or fill out the contact form below to reach out to us.

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