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Online Music Management And Promotion.

online music management and promotion

If you are looking for online music Management and promotion, then you are at the right place.

Taculia Records is one of the record label in Nigeria committed to help upcoming musicians become successful in their music career.

There are scores of online music managers and promoters here in Nigeria.

And to get in contact with them, you can simply run a Google search for music managers and promoters in Nigeria.

But here at Taculia Records, we work tirelessly to manage and promote upcoming artiste here in Nigeria.

Strategies we use to achieve online music management and promotion.

  1. We will help you to build an official musician website that will enable us package all your promo materials and pitch it to record labels. You can CLICK HERE to see an example.
  2. Also we will help you to monetize and use your official musician website to make money from other online sources like AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.
  3. We’ll also help you to collect emails from your website and use it to grow your online fanbase.
  4. You will get a press coverage across all our blogging platforms. You can CLICK HERE to see an example.
  5. Cheap distribution of your music to digital stores where you can start to earn from your music.
  6. You’ll also get an artiste page that will carry the links to all your songs on digital platforms. CLICK HERE to see an example.

If you are interested in working with us you call us on +2348132633812, +2348079974193.

Or better still join our WhatsApp group or chat us via the link below or fill the contact form to reach out to us and we will respond immediately.

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