online music management and promotion

How To Get Online Music Management And Promotion.

Music management and promotion is an integral part of a musical career and any artists that wants to become successful must make sure they make it a priority when starting out their journey in the music industry.

Good enough, this digital age has given us a platform where we can reach people in any part of the world from the comfort of our homes and get them to help us in one way or another.

That is why I am going to show you how to get online music management and promotion in this article. But before I do so, let me help you to understand what music management and promotion really is.

What is music management?

Music management is the process where musical artists hire additional or extra hands to oversee several aspects of their music career like talent, record production, booking of shows, getting record deals and endorsements, managing of finances etc.

This extra or additional hands are known as music managers.

There are so many benefits of having a music manager and when you learn about them there is nothing that will stop you from hiring or getting one.

What is music promotion?

Music promotion is the art of creating awareness about a musical artists as well as making their musical recordings available for music consumers.

why artists need music managers.

There are so many reasons why artists needs music managers but the main reason is to ensure artists gets enough exposure that will help them become successful in the music industry. It is the duty of a music manager to promote an artist and to be able to do so he must have enough experience and connections in the music industry.

How to get online music management and promotion?

As I said earlier, this internet age has given us the opportunity to connect with people from any part of the world.

So if you are looking for online music management and promotion, simply run a Google search with the keywords “online music management and promotion” and follow the results that pop up to connect with those who are offering such services online.

Taculia Records is one of one of such platforms here in Nigeria that is committed to helping upcoming musicians fulfill their music management and promotion needs.

Our primary aim is to work tirelessly to manage and promote upcoming artists here in Nigeria.

Strategies we use to achieve online music management and promotion

  1. We will give you lessons and guide that will help you make the kind of music that will meet the standard needed in the music industry.
  2. We will help you to build an official musician website that will enable us to package all your promo materials and pitch it to record labels.
  3. Also, we will help you to monetize and use your official musician website to make money from other online sources like AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.
  4. We’ll also help you to collect emails from your website and use it to grow your online fanbase.
  5. You will get press coverage across all our blogging platforms.
  6. Cheap distribution of your music to digital stores where you can start to earn from your music.
  7. You’ll also get an artiste page that will carry the links to all your songs on digital platforms.

How much do we charge for music management and promotion.

Basically, there are two ways that music managers charge their artists and they are:

  1. An outright payment.
  2. Between 10 and 20% of the artists income from deals arranged by the manager.

Here in Taculia Records we charge artist 30,000 Naira to start working with them and 500,000 Naira when we bring them to the spotlight. This money is expected to cover the expenses we are going to make in promoting the artists including our gain.

Note also that only the song recording will be financed by the artist.

We will send you a form to download, sign and resend to us for legal proceedings incase any of us bridges the deal.

If you are interested in working with us or need more information, you can call us at +2348132633812, +2348079974193, or click the WhatsApp icon below to chat with us.