Having a music manager can be very instrumental to the success of a musical career, but it all depends on the artists awareness and moreover knowing and understanding the benefits of a music manager.

Typically, an artists is expected to begin their musical career by themselves until they get to a point where they are unable to manage their music career, and hence the need for a music manager.

But looking through the benefits of a music manager will convince you to try and get a music manager even before your career takes off the ground.

So without much ado, let’s get into this article.

The benefits of having a music manager.

The main benefit of having a music manager is that you will avail yourself the opportunity of having someone who is experienced oversee the affairs of your music career and in so doing guide you toward the path of becoming very successful.

Experience and connections matter a lot when it comes to the music industry and starting out as an upcoming is going to rob you of such and hence the need for a music manager who has already been in the game to fill in for you.

Below are more of the benefits you are going to derive from having a music manager:

  1. Shows your level of professionalism.
  2. Act as your guardian in the music industry.
  3. Brings the needed connection that will help you become successful
  4. Provides the freedom that will help you focus on being more creative.

1. Shows your level of professionalism.

Having a music manager will go a very long way to show your level of professionalism.

As a matter of fact, when people, both within and without the music industry discover that you have a music manager, they are going to take you more seriously due to the level of professionalism you’ve shown them.

It is the duty of your music manager to present a professional image of both you and your music to record labels, radio and TV stations, the online community etc, and this in the long run will help to advance your musical career.

2. Act as your guardian in the music industry.

The music industry has doors and pathways that could take you out the backyard if you go through them. And for that reason, it is very dangerous to want to attempt entering the music industry all by yourself.

But with a music manager who already knows the nooks and crannies of the music industry acting as your guardian, there is no way you are going to make any wrong move.

Believe me, there are certain steps you will take and actions you will make that will pull your music career ten times backward. But when a music manager is by your side, he will help you to avoid those mistakes and in so doing have a smooth sail in the music industry.

3. Brings the needed connection that will help you become successful.

I love to sound it loud and clear to artists that connections really matter a lot when it comes to the music business.

Having a recommendation from a notable figure in the music industry can make people pay close attention to you.

We have all at one time or another seen an upcoming artist shoot himself to stardom by featuring an A-List artist. And its very important to understand that approaching that A-List artist was not the duty of the upcoming artist, but someone who played the role or was hired as a music manager.

The point here is that every music manager have one connections or another in the music industry, and it will be very easy for him to use that connection toward advancing your musical career.

Using this connection could range from arranging for a collaboration with a notable artist, giving you a press coverage in a popular media platform, making sure your music plays in all the places that will garner so much exposure etc.

4. Provides the freedom that will help you focus on being more creative.

To be relevant in the music industry as an artist, you need to be more creative by way of composing and recording hit songs. But trying to handle all the affairs in your music career is going to rob you of the chance and time to do so.

But when you have a music manager who will go out there to handle the business part of your music career like negotiate deals and endorsements, book shows and tours, arrange for promotions, distributions and marketing of your music etc you will definitely have enough time to focus on the creative part of your music career which is very essential.

How many managers do you need as a music artist?

Typically, an artist should have just one music manager who will stand in for him in several aspects of the music business, but in the case where an artist has grown so big and there are so many affairs to be handled, he can then choose to have more than one music manager.

For example, he can hire one music manager to oversee the talent aspect of his music career which comprises of music composition and recording, while another music manager can oversee the business aspect which comprises of booking shows, negotiating deals and endorsements.

When should an artists hire a music manager?

An artists should hire a music manager once they are set to enter the music industry.

Although, the idea of having a music manager usually comes to artists when their music career is just too hectic and there are lots of activities they are unable to handle on their own.

As a matter of fact, many music advicers and bloggers advice artists against getting a music manager at the start of their career.

But considering the fact that not too many artists have really been able to succeed while managing themselves at the start of their career, it is advisable for an artists to get a music manager at the very start of their career.

For example, many artists make the mistake of recording their very first single in a studio that is unable to give them quality musical production. But had it been they had a music manager, he would have made it a duty of securing the best studio that will produce, mix and master the artists songs.

Last modified: May 23, 2023



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