Marlians Record Label.

Marlians Record Label.

Marlians record is one of the notable and top record labels in Nigeria and it is owned by a Nigerian singer and rapper known as Naira Marley.

In this article, we are going to take a look at a brief history of Marlians record as well as how to join the marlians record label.

We will end this article by showing you all the marlian record label members.

So without any ado, let’s get started with this article.

Who owns marlian record?

Marlian record is owned by a Nigerian song writer, rapper and singer who goes by the name Azeez Fashola and musically known as Naira Marley. Naira Marley was born on 10 May 1991 and is of British-Nigerian decent.

Marlian music was founded and launched bby Naira Marley in December 2019 and that very day Naira Marley unveiled the 4 artists who were signed to the label in persons of Zinoleesky, Mohbad, Cblack and Fabian Blu.

Later on in 2022, one of the marlian records signee, Mohbad decided to leave the label to establish his own record label known as Imolenization, and little did the record label know that the assaults they carried out on Mohbad will lead to his death in September 2023 and in so doing threaten the downfall of the record label.

This is because, after the death of Mohbad, Nigerians reviewed the videos where he revealed that if he died due to the assaults his former label meted out on him, Naira Marley and the whole Marlians music should be held responsible.

Fingers were pointed at Naira Marley and his close friend Sam Larry as the brain behind the death of Mohbad, and for that reason lots of Naira Marley’s followers unfollowed him on social media, radio stations started banning his music, show promoters declined from giving him shows and the whole Naira Marley fanbase was almost shattered.

How to join Marlian Records.

To join marlian records, you need to make the marlians style of music and promote it properly to attract the attention of the label’s CEO, Naira Marley or any of the Marlian record label members who are in the position of creating an opportunity that will get you signed into the marlian record label.

Marlians record label members.

The current marlian record label members are: Naira Marley, Zinoleesky, Cblack, Fabian Blu, Tori Keeche and Vusic who is the latest signee to the Marlian record label.


Naira Marley was born Azeez Adeshina Fashola, and he is the founder and CEO of Marlian Records. He launched the record label in December 30, 2019 during the Marlian Fest Concert which happened at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos State.

While launching the record label that same night, Naira Marley unveiled the 4 artists he has already signed into the record label in persons of Zinoleesky, Cblack, Mohbad and Fabian Blu.

Unfortunately for Naira Marley, one of the 4 artists he signed who was known as, Mohbad announced his departure from the record label in 2022 to start his own record label known as Imolenization where he released an EP titled ‘Blessed”.

A year later, Mohbad passed away tragically and fingers were pointed a Naira Marley and his close associate, Sam Larry due to the assault they meted out on Mohbad when he wanted to leave the record label.


Zinoleesky was born Oniyide Azeez and is one of the four artists Naira Marley signed to Marlian Records on the night he launched the record label.

Zinoleesky has popular songs like ‘Mapariwo’, ‘Kilofeshe’, ‘Naira Marley’, and ‘Gone Far’, and he is reckoned as one of the fastest rising and relevant artists in the Marlian family.

In an interview, Zinoleesky revealed that he did not object to join the record label when Naira Marley made the offer available to him.


Cblack whose real name is Olamilekan Kazeem Kudus, was one of the 4 artists that was signed to the Marlian Records the very night it was launched in December 2019.

Before joining the Marlian family, Cblack had already featured in Naira Marley’s Lampa EP on the song “Tingasa”. And after being signed to the Marlians record, he has a released couple of songs to his credit and some of them include ‘Belinda’, ‘Opor Yeh’, and ‘Shade’.


Inim Fabian who is musically known as Fabian Blu is a 26 year old singer and songwriter who comes from Esit Eket in Akwa Ibom State. He is a Theatre and Media Studies graduate of The University Of Calabar.

Fabian Blu was among the very first 4 artists unveiled by Naira Marley when he launched the record label in December 2019. However, an issue occurred few months later between Fabian and the Marlian family when he accused his boss, Naira Maley of not promoting him as he did with other record label members, especially Zinoleesky.

Fabian Blu released his debut single titled “Sisi Nene” under Marlian Records, and the song is still making waves up till this day.


Born Isiogu Chibundu Kenechukwu and musically known as Tori Keeche, she is reckoned as the First Lady of Marlians Record and she comes from Anambra State in Nigeria.

Tori made her debut into the Nigerian music industry in 2018 after releasing a hit single she title “Issa Goal”, and after joining the Marlian family she will go on to do a song which was titled Yoga featuring Naira Marley, who is the CEO of the record label


Vusic was born Igwe Victor Nnaemeka, on August 8, 2002 and on June 2023 his musical career started and saw the light of day after he was signed to the Marlians record by the CEO, Naira Marley.

Joining the Marlian record label was a significant achievement for Vusic because it will avail him the opportunity of making music under the influence of the already established Marlian artists like Zinoleesky, Cblack, Fabian Blu etc.

Vusic new chapter in the Nigerian music industry will be written down when he released his debut hit single titled, “History.” This track really served as a warm welcome into the Marlian Family as well as a testament to his artistic growth and potential.

We are all hoping to see the mark this new signee to Marlian records is going to make in the Nigerian music industry.

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