The Best Music Promoters In Nigeria.

The Best Music Promoters In Nigeria.

The success of every upcoming artist in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world begins with the ability to promote their musical work be it a single, EP, or album; however, it is hard for them to do it independently, hence the need to seek for a music promotion company that can help them do so.

Before now Alaba Int’l was the base of music promotion in Nigeria, and the strategy they used was to compile a mix CD that contains trending music and that of upcoming artists, in the hope that when people are listening to the music they like in the compilation, they will eventually also listen to the music of the upcoming artists as it plays along.

This strategy used to work very well because so long as the music of the upcoming artists was good, people will eventually fall in love with it as they listen and in the end, this will help the upcoming artist to blow into the Nigerian music industry.

But with the emergence of the internet, the focus of music promotion has shifted to the online community as online users are known to consume music on a very large scale.

This, therefore, prompted me to go online and do careful research to compile this list of the best music promotion companies in Nigeria and above all provide you with their contact details.

But before we get this list, I will like to briefly help you to understand the definition of a music promoter as well as what they do.

What is a music promoter?

A music promoter is simply an individual or platform that ensures the music made by upcoming artists is heard everywhere until they eventually bring the upcoming artists to the limelight.

What a music promoter does.

A music promotion company generally helps to showcase the talent of musical artists until they eventually become successful in the music industry.

It is the duty of a music promotion company to devise means and strategies of ensuring that an upcoming artist is noticed and heard in the Nigerian music industry.

Some of these means and strategies are:

  1. Securing a perfect studio for musical recording.
  2. Booking of gigs.
  3. Scouting for endorsement deals.
  4. Pitching upcoming artists to record labels.

Now let us move on to see the list of the best music promotion companies in Nigeria.

List of the best music promotion companies in Nigeria.

Below is the list of the best music promoters in Nigeria.

  1. Taculia Records.
  2. Nitro Studios.
  3. 1710 Media
  4. Naija Mix Entertainment.
  5. StickerFM Radio.
  6. NaijaArtiste Promotions.
  7. Derebels Records.

1. Taculia Records.

Taculia Records is one of the best music promoters in Nigeria because we have several online platforms that helps us to publish and promote music of upcoming artists to a wider audience.

Even though our focus is becoming one of the leading Record Labels in Nigeria, we are also into promoting upcoming artists in Nigeria.

We have several strategies laid out that are intended to make upcoming artists stand out in the Nigerian music industry.

Our main concern however is finding upcoming artists who are super-talented and are already into making good music and seeking exposure independently.

You can use the contact form on this website to reach out to us concerning your music promotion or chat us directly on the WhatsApp link below.

You can also call us to get more details on 08132633812, 08079974193.

2. Nitro Studios.

For those living in Bayelsa State of Nigeria, Nitro Studios is one of the best music promotion companies you can take a shot at.

What is good about this company is that they also have a digital recording studio where you can get to make your music at a very affordable price.

Nitro Studios is located at Otiotio Junction, beside Baraza, along Mbiama-Yenegoa road, Yenegoa, Bayelsa state.

You can as well call them on 08120140056.

3. 1710 Media.

Established in 2018, 1710 is one of the best music promotion companies in Nigeria.

This music company offers services such as:

  1. Release Strategy
  2. Playlist Promotions
  3. Press Kit Design
  4. Musician Biography Writing
  5. Press Release Writing
  6. Website Design
  7. Online Advertising
  8. Online P.R
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Nigerian Radio Promotion
  11. Music TV Airplay
  12. Social Media Release Campaign.

This music promotion company is located in Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

You can contact them right away by visiting their official website @ or call them on 07069199522.

4. Naija Mix Entertainment.

Naija mix entertainment is a music promotion company that focuses on promoting upcoming artists in Nigeria.

They will not just offer you a platform to showcase your talent but will help you to become outstanding in the Nigerian music industry..

This music promotion company is located at 12 Ajasa Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

You can call them now at 081222582160, 08063607014.

5. StickerFM Radio.

StickerFM is a digital radio platform that will offer you the opportunity to upload your music online into their radio station for worldwide music promotion.

This music promotion company is located at 3/4 Adeyanju Boni Road, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

You can call them now at 08076335972, 08132375678.

6. NaijaArtiste Promotions.

As the name implies, NaijaArtiste Promotions is a music promotion company iin Nigeria that offers affordable one-stop music promotion for both independent artists and record labels.

According to their manager, this platform was started to enable independent artists and record labels to expose their music to a worldwide audience.

It is located on the 2nd Floor of The Garnet Building, Igbo Efon, Lekki, Lagos state.

You can call them on 08144433062.

7. Derebels Records.

Derebels Records is a record label in Nigeria that focuses on investing in talented Nigerian musicians by way of creating a means of collaboration with their A-Lists counterparts.

You can reach out to them now at 09022388883.