How To Send Your Song To A Record Label In Nigeria.

How To Send Your Song To A Record Label In Nigeria.

This article will show you the simple steps on how to send your song to a record label in Nigeria.

Back in the day, upcoming artists used to send their songs as demos on tapes to record labels in Nigeria.

But with the advent of the internet, there has been a decline in record labels receiving demo tapes from upcoming musicians.

Since everything has almost gone digital, notwithstanding record labels in Nigeria; an upcoming artiste in this digital age must be properly informed on how to send their songs to a record label.

Because if you end up using the same old method, you will still find yourself in the same position several years after.

So if you are set to know how to send your song to a record label in Nigeria, then you have to read this article to the very end.

But before we dive into this article, let us first and foremost get some understanding of a record label.

What is a record label?

A record label also referred to as a record company is a music brand/trademark whose business is to record, market, and oversee the success of a musical artiste’s career.

They do the heavy lifting for musicians who don’t have the resources and tech know-how to promote their music or merchandise.

Lots of upcoming artists today, and even in the early days always dream of landing a record deal.

And it is worth noting that landing a record deal can make you become rich overnight.

One other duty of a record deal we should not shove aside is going out there to win shows and endorsements that will keep the new artiste very relevant in the industry.

Before you send your song to a record label in Nigeria.

Now before you send your song to a record label in Nigeria, there are important things I want you to note and do, and they are.

1. Don’t send out a demo or a song you recorded with an online app.

Gone are the days when upcoming musicians used to send their songs as demo’s to record labels because record labels do not consider demos again these days.

And for that reason, you need to invest in making a quality product from a recording studio.

The song does not necessarily have to be mixed because record labels are the ones that will do that to their quality and standard when they sign you.

2. Have your music reviewed by a music professional.

Make sure your music is reviewed by a professional in the music industry before you send them out.

Because if you send a song that sends a signal that you are too upcoming, record labels will never mind you.

How to Send Your Song to a Record Label In Nigeria.

If you are planning to send your song to a record label, below are the basic 3 steps you have to take:

  1. Find contact details of record labels
  2. Send your song with details to record companies.
  3. Follow up to ensure your music has been listened to.

1. Find contact details of record labels.

The first thing you need to do is look for the label’s manager’s contact details.

You can do so by simply using any search engine to browse for ‘record label(s) in Nigeria.

Now follow the results of the search to settle for an article or directory that will give you accurate details of how to contact record labels in Nigeria.

You can even choose to visit the official website of any record label of your choice in Nigeria to get their contact details.

But somehow, you might be frustrated when you end up not getting accurate details of record label contacts in Nigeria.

That is why I compiled several articles on this blog that will show you how to contact respective record labels.

You can get some of their contacts via this article: Record Labels In Nigeria Looking For New Artiste In 2023.

Once you settle for the record company you wish to join, build a relationship with the person you contact. 

Also when trying to contact them, do not flash or send an SMS. Rather, go straight to the point. Also do not greet or ask any stupid questions.

2. Send your song with details to record companies.

When you are able to spot the details of the record label you wish to send your song to, the next step is to send the song.

Now some of you will make the mistake of sending your song and artiste name without any contact details.

And what if the record label picks interest in working with you but fails to see your contact details?

Therefore, make sure you include your contact details on the song package.

It could simply be your phone number, email address, and social media links.

If you however have an official website, it’s best to include it as your paramount contact details.

This is because the record label will be able to gather all your other contacts from your website.

As well as get the opportunity to review your other productions.

That is the reason why you must not have just one production you send to record labels.

3. Follow up to ensure your music has been listened to.

Now don’t just send your song to a record label and relax, hoping they are soon going to call you.

Ensure you always call or contact them from time to time to get him or them to make out time to listen to your music.

Call and text the agent from time to time and follow up on the project. Don’t just send the song and abandon it, make sure your music has been listened to.


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