How To Promote Your Music On Instagram.

How To Promote Your Music On Instagram.

This article will help you learn how to promote your music on one of the most outstanding social media networks on planet earth known as Instagram.

With roughly 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social media networks in the world and is, therefore, a great place for upcoming artist to promote their music.

But before you attempt to promote your music on Instagram as an upcoming or independent artist, you really have to learn how the platform works.

Else you are soon going to give up on the platform when you seem to achieve nothing from it.

And without much ado, below are the ways you can promote your music on Instagram:

  1. Optimize your Instagram profile.
  2. Protect your account from hackers.
  3. Avoid follow-for-follow to grow the right audience.
  4. Create Instagram stories almost every day.
  5. Create quality content and post regularly.
  6. Interact with your followers.
  7. Do giveaways.
  8. Use influencers to promote your music.

Now let’s get down to explaining the above points one after the other.

1. Optimize your Instagram profile.

The very first thing you have to do after signing up for an Instagram account; or if you already have an existing account is to optimize your Instagram profile.

You must be able to make people recognize you as a musician immediately after they come in contact with your profile.

And you do that quickly by using a few sentences to describe yourself and most especially your genre of music.

The second thing you have to do is add a profile picture. If you are using a recent high-quality photo shoot, make sure it is the one that portrays you as a musician.

But the best profile picture you should use is an artwork of your recent or current release you are trying to promote on Instagram.

2. Protect your account from being banned and also from hackers.

I will never forget the personal experience I had when my Instagram account of thousands of followers was either banned or hacked. Because till today I can’t really tell what happened.

Your account is going to be banned if you are posting content that goes against the Instagram community guidelines, so you have to read it in order to be mindful of what you post.

Most especially sexual content and violent graphics.

Since my Instagram account was a blog where I uploaded viral and trending content, I used to post semi-nude videos, and I perfectly remembered posting a video of a man who was killed in a hotel by his girlfriend.

This content was the reason my account must have been banned by Instagram.

And am using this as one of the points of promoting your music on Instagram to save you the stress of growing large followership only to be banned one day from the platform.

As for hackers, you can use two-factor authentication to keep them away.

3. Avoid follow-for-follow to grow the right audience.

Imagine having 30,000 followers on Instagram but when you post something no one likes, shares, or renders any comment on it.

Some people usually think that it is due to the fact that their users are not online to see the post on their feed. But I want to let you know that this is happening because you are having the wrong followers on your Instagram account.

When you are doing follow-for-follow and likes-for-likes, you are just accumulating people who are not sharing the same interest you are pursuing on your account.

And this is going to hurt your account so much because when the algorithm discovers that you have inactive followers, and no one is engaging with your content; it will not make any attempt to push it out there for more people to see organically.

And so, if you want to achieve success in promoting your music on Instagram; make sure you are not into the follow-for-follow thing on Instagram and even other social media platforms.

4. Create Instagram stories almost every day.

There are scores of Instagram users who are fond of checking their stories anytime they log into the platform.

And to successfully achieve your music promotion on the platform, you need to be creating stories on Instagram every day.

But you have to be very tactical while doing this because I see a lot of upcoming artists who are fond of posting their music links every now and then and telling people to repost them on their status.

My dear, no one is going to repost your music if it does not add any value to their lives.

So instead of always using Instagram stories to post about your music every now and then, think of other content, you will be using to mix it up.

Make sure the content are something that adds value to people’s life.

For example, if there is any musical instrument you can play very well, you can be using it to create short melodic tunes that are geared at motivating or inspiring people.

You can tell people that this soft melody is meant to help them reflect more on the ways of achieving their goals for the day.

Or you hope their 15 seconds melodic tune takes away every burden off your follower’s chests.

Once people start to see the impact your stories are having on their lives, they will always check up on your account.

And you can be mixing up your music promotion with it, and you will realize that these kinds will always love to check out your music to get that full-fledged inspiration or motivation your short videos are already giving them.

5. Create quality content and post regularly.

Same as Instagram stories, the only time so many upcoming artists post on their Instagram accounts is when they are announcing their releases.

You will always see them captioning their post: repost, follow and I follow back, like for like, etc.

But never join this league, if you want to achieve success by promoting your music on Instagram.

Instead, think of quality content you will be creating and posting regularly to engage your followers.

You can always cut out parts from your music and use them to create a narrative you will share on your Instagram account.

Always make sure it is something that adds value to the lives of your followers.

6. Interact with your followers.

As an upcoming artist, one of the things you must spend time doing every day is interacting with your followers.

That is to say, when you post something on your account, you must check up from time to time to respond to the comments people are making about your post.

Sometimes, you can even be the one to initiate the comments.

The greatest benefit of replying to your comments is that it will help your post get more engagements, and in so doing algorithm will spot and push it out for more people to see and engage.

7. Do giveaways.

You don’t have to get millions in your account before you can do giveaways on Instagram.

Any recharge card amount or transfer to someone’s bank account can keep so many people who benefit from it in your Instagram account.

To do this, post a link to your song on your Instagram profile; and create a post asking people to go stream and send screenshots and the first 5 people will have, so so and so amount; transferred to their bank account.

Make sure you keep to your promise and as you continue to do this, you will be amazed at people who will always keep a date for more giveaways.

8. Use influencers to promote your music.

Influencers are those people who have hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of followers.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a popular Instagram user, as these kinds are going to charge a high amount.

So the trick is to look out for people with maybe 10,000 to 100,000 followers who are active on the platform; you can judge this from the post they update often.

DM and ask them to help you share the link to your music on their profile for a said amount you can afford.

Stick to the ones that will agree and leave the ones who will seek higher fees.

If you have the budget, you can as well target those popular users who are already into influencer marketing on Instagram.

Good luck.

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