Why You Should Have A Home Recording Studio.

Why You Should Have A Home Recording Studio.

Before you start your own small home recording studio and begin to produce high quality music at home, it is very important to know why you should have a home recording studio..

And this article will help you to understand most of those benefits.

But before we jump into this article, I want to remind you of the fact that gone are the days when one needed to train or learn under a renowned music producer before one could be able to produce music.

Because today with the internet and several sampling instruments provided by DAWs, anyone can just become a music producer overnight.

Also, the cost of setting up a home recording studio is affordable, and if you are located here in Nigeria, you can check the current prices of studio equipment here.

Now let’s quickly check the benefits of setting up your own small home recording studio.

1. Have a good return on your investment.

After setting up your own small home recording studio, you can have a return on your investment by renting it out to producers and musicians who do not yet have a studio.

You can also start producing songs for other upcoming artists for a fee. Especially nowadays where lots of upcoming artists start out their musical career by recording with a downloaded beat.

And voicing over a downloaded beat is easier because you won’t is going through the art of making a beat. All you need is to know how to mix and master the instrumental and vocals.

To start getting artists to patronize you after setting up your small home recording studio, you can do a little graphics of your studio and promote or advertise it online.

But the most important thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the music you are producing for people, especially the ones that will require making beats.

My best advice for you is to get close to an experienced producer and when that kind of work comes, you pay him a little amount of money to help you do the producing.

2. Have enough time to concentrate on quality production.

Having your own home recording studio will give you enough time to concentrate on the quality of your production.

Unlike when you have to pay for studio sessions in someone else’s studio, and oftentimes will not b able to achieve a quality product within the session time frame.

But in your own studio, you can even use weeks or months to concentrate on coming up with a high-quality production.

You can do this by playing your music to family members, friends, artists, and even top producers and asking them to point out the errors so you can make the necessary corrections.

You can also start by producing your beat before you write the lyrics. This is an art that carries so much inspiration in music-making.

3. Enhance your music production skills.

I remember when I opened my own small home recording studio in 2013, I did not know how to make a beat. But since I was sharp, I used to observe what producers were doing when I went to do my own recording in the studio.

What I used to do was spend a whole night producing a series of beats with just my laptop and headphone.

At times when I got hooked on what I couldn’t do on my own, I will contact one of my producer friends who will show me what to do; or I go to YouTube to get tutorials and practice it.

And in so doing I gradually became a producer by not paying a dime to no one.

In music production one of the things you must do as a producer is to experiment a lot.

After getting the lessons you also have to try out certain settings by yourself.

For example, instead of cutting out the low ends with equality to get a clear vocal as is traditionally done, you can even add some frequencies there and listen to what type of sound it adds to your vocals.

You can also use this technique on instruments to achieve an out-of-this-world sound we have never heard before.

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