How To Make Influencers Promote Your Music For Free.

How To Make Influencers Promote Your Music For Free.

In this article, you are going to learn how to get social media influencers to promote your music for you for free.

We are living in an age where influencer marketing is rapidly growing; in nearly every sphere of online enterprises, including the music industry.

But before we learn anything about influencers, let us first and foremost understand who is an influencer.

Who is an influencer?

Influencers are Social Media icons who have been able to build a large following on their platforms.

This name is given to them as a result of the influence they have over their large fanbase or followers, and we often refer to this as clout.

There are many ways that these influencers tap into that clout, and in so doing avail themselves of the ability to influence potential buyers to buy a product or service they are promoting. Especially when they are paid to do so.

How To Make Influencers Promote Your Music For Free.

Below are the steps you need to follow to make influencers promote your music for free:

  • Step 1 – Create great promotional content.
  • Step 2 – Find and choose the influencers you want to promote your music.
  • Step 3 – Approach the influencers you choose.
  • Step 4 – Request a free promo from an influencer.

Step 1 – Create great promotional content.

Before you begin your journey of trying to find an influencer to promote your music; make sure you have your promotional content upfront.

The promotional content that trends most is usually visual, that is to say, video content.

And when it comes to music there are several promotional videos you can do for your music, and one of the easiest is a freestyle video.

Now don’t confuse yourself with freestyle video being the kind of video where you sing your song off head; as you can learn how to use your already recorded track to make a freestyle video via this article: How To Shoot Freestyle Videos With A Smartphone.

While creating your promotional content, ensure you make it the best quality that you can lay your hands on; because your video will likely be rejected by an influencer if it does not attract them.

Step 2 – Find and choose the influencers you want to promote your music.

One does not necessarily need to have millions of followers on their social media platforms to be an influencer.

Anyone whose fanbase or followers are active and engage with their content is qualified to be a social media influencer.

So when looking for a social media to promote your music for free, always target both those with millions of followers and those who have few followers who are engaging well with their content.

Your key to music promotion is to have people who care to listen to your music, so anyone who can help you do that is an influencer.

So to find your influencers, you need to go on social platforms, especially Instagram, and source for those who have 10,000 followers and check the engagements they are having on their accounts.

You can rate those engagements on a 40% scale.

For instance, if someone has 10,000 followers, they must have at least 4,000 likes and comments on their content or more.

Step 3 – Approach the influencers you choose.

After choosing your influencers, the next thing you should worry about is how to approach them.

And this is the most important aspect of it all.

The very first step on this point is to follow that influencer, and afterward, make sure you engage in their posts for a considerable time before you ever approach them.

Don’t just make the mistake of following an influencer now and immediately approach them to help you promote your music, they will immediately also ignore you till thy kingdom come.

One thing people don’t understand is that influencers do check their DM’s and comments to know the minds of their fans.

Plus most of them are very smart in understanding their die-hard fans, based on how these kinds are engaging with their content.

Therefore, the trick is to engage with all, I repeat, all of the contents they publish in their account.

Ensure you make reasonable comments.

And from time to time also send them DM’s complimenting or encouraging them in one way or the other.

Mind you, these guys are charging people so high for adverts and promos, and if you approach them carelessly asking for a free promo, then you will as well be wasting your precious time.

While doing these things look out for a response or feedback from the influencer, and once you get one then you are a step ahead to your success.

Don’t rush into approaching him for a free promotion but continue to send more compliments and encouraging words until you probably get a second or third response.

Step 4 – Request a free promo from an influencer.

The time is now ripe to approach your influencer and request for a free promo.

But you are going to do this indirectly, your main aim is to get his attention.

So publish the content on your platform and tag him first.

Now, wait a few days to see if he will respond naturally.

After waiting if he does or doesn’t send the content as DM and ask him to help you review it.

Note here that you’re not asking for a free promo but for a review.

Now if he responds that it’s dope then you are blessed. But if after waiting some while and he doesn’t respond; then send a second DM, and beg him to help you repost or retweet it.

Don’t tell him you need a free promo, but just ask for a simple repost or retweet; and if you succeed in getting it, then you have succeeded in having your free music promotion from an influencer.

Additional tips on how to make influencers promote your music for free in Nigeria.

Most influencers are fond of doing online challenges from time to time; so always look out for such opportunities and create interesting content for the challenge that matches your music.

And if you are lucky to get a repost or retweet you are done for real.

Moreover, the challenge hashtag will help others who are following it up to see your stuff.

Good luck!

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