How To Join DMW (Davido) Record Label In Nigeria.

How To Join DMW (Davido) Record Label In Nigeria.

Lots of upcoming Nigerian artists are dreaming about joining Davido’s record label known as DMW Records, therefore, in this article, I will show you how to join DMW (Davido) record label in Nigeria.

DMW simply means Davido Music Worldwide, and it is an upfront record label in Nigeria. This record label belongs to David Adeleke, who is musically known as Davido.

I know you wouldn’t continue reading this article if you are not interested in signing a record deal with DMW Records.

And I promise to try my best in showing you how to join DMW Records in Nigeria.

But before we move further, I want you to understand that talent is not just enough to join DMW or any record label in Nigeria.

The two other things you need to have besides talent are hard work and a very high percentage of luck.

I believe if you are able to follow this guide on how to join DMW Records in Nigeria, you will definitely increase your chances of being lucky enough to get signed to the label.

How To Join DMW Record label In Nigeria.

If you want to join DMW record label in Nigeria, all you need is to get the attention of its CEO in the person of Davido.

And as I mentioned above, to join DMW record label in Nigeria you need to have talent, be hard-working as well as have a stroke of luck.

Thus, if all three things combine and you come across Davido, I believe there is nothing that is going to stop you from being among the DMW record label artists in Nigeria.

Now let’s quickly move on to see how you can get Davido’s attention and in so doing join his record label.

How to get Davido’s attention.

Follow Davido on his social media accounts.

To get Davido’s attention, you must ensure you have lots of content you are creating and uploading online.

This content can range from your audio songs to freestyle videos, cover songs, or even an official music video.

It all depends on how financially stable you are to create the aforementioned content.

And as to where to upload them online, since Nigerian musicians are not much concerned or aware of the advantages of having their own personal blog or website, you can upload your content on social media platforms.

The social media platforms you should concentrate more on are Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

As a rule of thumb, make sure your content is more than enough and also interesting to grab Davido’s attention when he comes in contact with them.

Tag Davido on your content and don’t stop doing so until he gives you a response.

Below are the links to all the social media platforms you can use to contact Davido:

  • DMW official website.
  • DMW CEO’s official Instagram page.
  • DMW CEO’s official Twitter page.
  • DMW Talent Manager Instagram page.
  • DMW Talent Manager Twitter page.

Call Davido on phone.

Below is the official number you can use to call Davido’s manager who will help you to get in touch with Davido.

DMW official phone number is 07069611153.

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