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How To Contact 5 Star Music Record Label.

How To Contact 5 Star Music Record Label.

This article will reveal to you how to contact the 5 Star Music Record label.

In my years of experience as a music promoter, I have come to realize that nearly all the upcoming artists in Nigeria want to get signed to a record label in Nigeria, and 5 Star Music is just one of those.

That is why I did a little research to come up with this article which will give you tips and tricks on how to contact 5 Star Music and request a record deal.

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A brief history of 5 Star Music.

5 Star Music Group is currently one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria.

This record label has blown various Nigerian artists like Kcee, Skiibii, and Harrysong. 

5 Star Music was established by popular Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur, Emeka Okonkwo also known as E-Money.

How To Contact 5 Star Music.

To contact 5 Star Music, you need to reach out to its CEO in the person of E-Money.

And note very well that you must be very talented as well as pray for a stroke of luck to get noticed by E-Money.

This is because several other artists, who are even more talented are already contacting the music legend; and for that reason, you need to stand out among this lot in order to get his attention.

However, below is the method you can employ to contact E-Money if you really want to join 5 Star Music.

Contact E-Money on his social accounts.

E-Money is one of the various Nigerian business moguls who is very active on social media platforms.

And it’s safe to say that he is one of the few social media-conscious businessmen who love to engage with their fans by checking out their DM’s and comments.

But while doing so, persistence coupled with high-quality content are the keys you should use to approach E-Money.

Don’t just keep sending DM’s telling the 5 Star how talented you are; rather create relevant content and publish it on your social platforms, and from there share and tag him.

Even though he is likely not going to respond immediately, if your content is good enough, keep sending them.

Because he might be seeing previous ones; and needs more of those to be convinced enough that you will really be a good musician he can work with.

You can also try using the 5-star music contact below to reach out to E-Money.

5 Star Music another means of Contact.

Though not much is made public about how to contact 5 Star Music; you can as well try the following ways I will show below to contact them.


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