In this article, I will reveal to you how to contact 5 Star Music Record label in Nigeria in 2023.

I’ve been a music promoter for some years now, and one thing I have come to realize is that Nigerian artist are mostly concerned with signing a record deal.

And good enough, there are so many record labels already existing in the country, while new ones are emerging. And this leaves upcoming artist in Nigeria with the opportunity of signing a record deal.

And as a way of helping them to do so, I will try my best in this article to give them the details on how to contact 5 sta music record label in Nigeria.

A brief history of 5 Star Music.

Currently, 5 star music is one of the top record labels existing in Nigeria. And this record label has shot so many artists to limelight and some of them include: Kcee, Skiibii, and Harrysong. 

5 Star Music record label was founded and established by popular Nigerian business mogul and entrepreneur, Emeka Okonkwo, who is also known as E-Money.

How To contact 5 Star Music In Nigeria.

The simplest way to contact 5 star music record label is to reach out to it’s CEO in person of E-Money.

And when doing so, you have to ensure you are really talented and also have a stroke of luck, but connections will really increase your chances the more.

By connection, I mean you have to know someone who is close to E-Money, and can recommend you to him.

I am saying this because frankly, 95 percent of artist signed to record labels in Nigeria are connection to the CEO in one way or another.

Now, let’s quickly look some of the ways you can contact E-Money, if you really want to sign a record deal with 5 start music record label.

Contact E-Money on his social accounts.

Without a doubt, E-Money is one of the Nigerian businessmen who are so active on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter.

And it is on record that heso much loves to engage or interact with his followers or fans.

But before you approach E-Money, make sure you have the right content that are going to attract him.

What am trying to say here is that you should have relevant content you have published on social media and tag E-Money to them.

As a matter of fact, you have to keep it in mind that E-Money is not going to respond immediately, so therefore persistent and consistency coupled with patience is needed so much if you want to gain E-Money’s attention on social media platforms.

Another way to contact E-Money is by using the 5 star music record label contact below.

5 Star Music record label contact.

Eventhough much is not made public about how to contact 5 Star Music; you can try using the following ways I will show below to contact them:

  • E-Money official Instagram page.
  • E-Money official Twitter page.
  • 5 Star Music Contact Address: 619 Mobolaji Giwa Crescent, Omole Phase 2, Lagos.


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