This article is going to show you how to get a record deal in Nigeria.

In my few years of being a music promoter, I have come to realize that nearly 99% of artists who contacts me are seeking to know how to get a record deal in Nigeria.

And for that reason, I am writing this article to show upcoming musicians how to get a record deal in Nigeria.

So if signing a record deal has also been your goal as an upcoming musician in Nigeria, then this article is just for you.

Aim of record labels in Nigeria.

The aim of every record label in Nigeria is to sign talented musicians who are capable of producing the kind of songs that will be in public demand.

So they could sell those songs and make so much profit from them.

Finding a talented artiste is the first step and the second is investing in that artiste after being certain they will have a return on their investment.

The label will never escape spending money on the studio recording of the song, mass production of CDs, distributing the songs to digital and physical stores, and music promotion/marketing.

But then, all these expenses will never go for anything as the record label is going to ensure they have a return on their investment; or in plain terms make a whole lot of profit.

Therefore, whatever amount of money the record label will spend on your career will be gotten back with so much profit on their path.

For example, if a record label spends 20 million on an artiste; they will expect to make 50 million back.

Now the biggest problem you are going to have as an upcoming artiste is how to prove to a record label that you are talented enough to merit a record deal or contract.

How to prove to record labels that you are talented.

These days, word of mouth and demos are no longer enough to prove to record labels that you are a very talented musician.

So, therefore, if you really want record labels to sign you as their artiste; you need to be, at least halfway through your musical career.

According to EME record label’s boss, nothing will make them sign an artist because of how convincing he/she could be with their mouth, and will not take any artist requesting a record deal seriously.

He noted that Eni-ola and Skale had already made name for themselves before the record label signed them.

This goes to say that if you want record labels to sign you; you must, first of all, make the kind of music that people already enjoy listening to.

This is because record labels want to see how many fans you have or how many people already love or are listening to your song.

Now let me show you the things you must do in order to get a record label in Nigeria.

How To Get A Record Deal In Nigeria.

1. Record and promote a nice song.

If you want to get a record deal in Nigeria, you must start by making a very nice song.

And after that, try to find ways of making the song available to potential fans and listeners.

That is to say, you must invest all your time, energy, and resources into promoting that song in order to make it attract record labels.

You have to promote your song, both online and offline because you never know where the record label representatives are hanging out in their search for upcoming artists.

2. Perform in shows.

You must seize every opportunity to perform in shows if you want to get noticed by record labels who might sign you.

Even though it’s a very local show in your area, never miss the opportunity to perform there. Because you never know which record label representative will attend a show to find a talented upcoming artiste.

3. Join musical contests and competitions

Joining a music contest is a very good way of displaying your talent to attract record labels.

Music contests such as MTN project frame can go a long way in helping you attract record labels.

You don’t necessarily have to win before you are exposed to record labels.

All you need to do is give in your best and try to make a name while you are in the contest.

As soon as you leave the contest try to release a track, and if possible shoot a music video and promote it.


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Last modified: March 2, 2023



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