As an up-and-coming musician, you can benefit so much if you are able to set up your own small home recording studio, and if you have the knowledge of how to set up your own small home recording studio, then I am going to reveal to you in this article, the current prices of studio equipment here in Nigeria.

This price is updating from time to time, so it doesn’t really matter the time you get to read it as it will still remain current.

Current prices of studio equipment in Nigeria.

  1. Desktop computer – between N30,000 & N150,000
  2. Studio monitors – between N80,000 & N500,000
  3. Microphones (Condensers and dynamics) – between N25,000 & N150,000
  4. Headphones – between N6,000 & N70,000
  5. MIDI keyboard – between N50,000 & 150,000
  6. Audio interface/soundcard – between N40,000 – 200,000
  7. DAWs – between N35,000 – N200,000
  8. Cables – between N2,000 – N15,000
  9. Mic stand – between N2,000 – N25,000
  10. Pop filter – between N3,000 – N100,000

If we have not mentioned any equipment you seek to know the price above, please notify us via the comment section and we will check and update the price immediately.

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Last modified: November 5, 2022



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